Jabari Parker Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets

Jabari Parker Trade Rumors

Jabari Parker won’t stay a part of the Atlanta Hawks for long and will be traded out soon before the 2020 NBA February deadline. The Hawks are the worst team in this season with a 6-25 record whereas Parker is still scoring 15.4 points per game. Parker won’t cost much as his current contract is just $6.5 million per year and it will over by the year 2021.

Also, Jabari Parker is just 24 years old and have a lot of game left as he enters his prime time. Here are the trade rumors for Jabari Parker with Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets before the NBA trade deadline hits.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics would certainly need a big guy to beat the Milwaukee Bucks or Philadelphia 76ers if they end up in the NBA Eastern Conference finals against them. Jabari Parker will be useful for his height at 6 foot 8 inches if he is in a round against Joel Embiid (76ers) and Giannis Antetekounmpo (Bucks) in the crucial playoffs games.

The Celtics are at 2nd seed in the East side and adding Jabari to their team would certainly pay off in the later part of 2019-20 NBA season. Even though Boston is winning games right now, they need to get stronger if they want to have a shot at the 2020 NBA title.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers 

Los Angeles Lakers are at the first spot in the extremely tough NBA Western Conference but they just lost four straight games. The Clippers have beaten them twice and LeBron James-Anthony Davis duo can’t do anything against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Also, LeBron was injured in the last game and the Lakers do need an intimidating player and Jabari Parker is the right choice. The Lakers would make their frontcourt stronger and Parker would also help in load management of another big player such as Kyle Kuzma, Rojan Rando, and Anthony Davis.

Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets are only second to the Lakers in the points table and could have the top spot by the team league games are over. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are doing amazing in the Nuggets and adding Jabari Parker would upgrade the roster and take some pressure of the main stars.

The Nuggets is one of the top title contenders and before reaching the finals, they have to clear the Western Conference title. Lakers of Clippers would be one of the teams and Parker could come out as a secret weapon Denver during the games and clear the road to NBA finals.

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