Jack Gray: Watch out as Jack Black and Jack White tease their new song

Jack Gray: Jack Black and Jack White tease new music together

Legendary American singer-songwriter Jack White has joined hands with native actor Jack Black for a musical video. So, together the two inspirations are going to build a ‘Jack of music trade’ for upcoming songsters. The two have called their tie-up as Jack Gray.

Jack Gray: One of it’s kind tie-up venture

Jack Gray: Jack Black and Jack White tease new music together

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Jack Black and Jack White have been upto something for quite a time. Although, the collaboration, Jack Gray is quite way-out and zany, you must stream through the collab video to see how the two studmuffins take music to another level.

For most parts, most of us are really looking forward to such an amazing team-up from two legends with quite un-related spheres.

And maybe that’s why the two took no time in labeling the duo as ‘Jack Gray.’ Where ‘Gray’ clearly suggests a blend between two exactly clashing shades.  Jack Gray, as a whole has surfaced a mind-boggling video on internet, a past hours before.

Although, the video of Jack Gray purely subjugates behind-the-scene junketing and teases between Black, his bandmate Kyle Gass from Tenacious D and his collaboration partner, Jack White.

The two bandmates appeared to pay visit to White at his ‘Third Man Records’ Nashville headquarters. The three pose together, go round the headquarter for a quick tour and apparently set off towards the recording room for a new duet single.

A look into White’s worldly goodies

When asked about the joint team effort, Black went on to say;

This is going to be a legendary collab. Everyone here has been waiting for it. And now it’s here.

Moreover, Black was much flattered to see how White has muddled through everything so perfectly. He praises White for his epic house and runs down to comment;

His house is like you say, crazy. I have never been around so many cool antique toys. It’s the same as I would have expected: Jack White’s house is quite off the chain. I’m still floating, floating on Cloud nine.  For me, our song is kind of kicking chicken too. It’s one stone-cold jam.

We heard you, Black !
Moreover, White’s Third Man Records is really, really amazing. You’d be perplexed if coming on terms to actually define the place in words. Half-museum, part recording studio with dozens of artworks and crafts; I hope If I can ever head off to his place for like, spending some lone-quality time.
Anyways, Best Wishes, Jack White and Jack Black for your future tie-ups.

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