Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast to include Emily Blunt, John Krasinsk’s Wife

Emily Blunt to Appear on Jack Ryan Season 3 TV Series

Emily Blunt can join her husband John Krasinski for the upcoming Amazon Prime original show Jack Ryan Season 3. The two stars have shared the screen together before in ‘A Quiet Place’ movie and will also appear in the sequel. Jack Ryan Season 3 is currently under works and hence there is plenty of time for Emily Blunt-John Krasinski to arrange their schedule. While nothing has been confirmed about the casting, fans are already exploring the chances of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski going on secret spy missions on Jack Ryan Season 3.

Emily Blunt to Appear on Jack Ryan Season 3 TV Series

Emily Blunt to join husband John Krasinski in Thriller Series Jack Ryan Season 3

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt collaborated together for ‘A Quiet Place’ which the Jack Ryan star also co-wrote and directed. The couple proved that they have an amazing chemistry on-screen and fans would love to see them appear together on other projects. There are already a lot of fan-casts for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to appear as husband and wife, Reed Richards and Sue Storm for Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie.

Similarly, many of the Jack Ryan fans would love to see Blunt joining Krasinski on spy missions. While it has neither been confirmed nor denied that Emily Blunt can appear on Jack Ryan Season 3, there have been hints that it could be possible. A Quiet Place sequel is about to release in theaters soon and it would be good publicity even if Emily can have a cameo appearance on Jack Ryan Season 3 and maybe join Jack for a drink or something. The makers of Jack Ryan’s third season can cast Emily Blunt for a small role and it would make the show much more popular.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Amazon Prime Streaming Date

Jack Ryan Season 3 Amazon Prime Streaming Date 

Jack Ryan Season 3 has been confirmed by Amazon Studios last year and John Krasinski is working on the scripts with new showrunner Vaun Wilmott. It will take some time given the show has movie-quality production values and filming takes place over various countries. Jack Ryan Season 3 will stream on Amazon Prime Video around early 2021, with or without Marry Poppins star Emily Blunt joining John Krasinski in the show.

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