Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date and Plot Update

Jack Ryan Season 3 Plot Update Jack to be Promoted to CIA Chief as James Greer Retires

Jack Ryan Season 3 was officially renewed by Amazon even before the release of the second season and now work has started on the third season. Although, it is too early to have any kind of solid information about the third installment of the Jack Ryan series, there are bits and pieces that can be gathered from the end of season 2.

John Krasinski will once again return in the titular role of CIA agent Jack Ryan but this time he won’t be followed by his boss James Greer. For those who have watched Jack Ryan season 3 on Amazon Prime Video must be aware that the return of Wendell Pierce’s James Greer in “Jack Ryan” Season 3 may not happen. It means Jack could be promoted to the post of CIA Chief in ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3.

Jack Ryan Season 3: Greer will Retire and Jack is Promoted

Jack Ryan Season 3 Greer will Retire and Jack is Promoted

The final episode of Jack Ryan season 2 was a clear hint that things are not right between Jack and Greer, which kind of foreshadowed that the later might exit from the story. While Jack is still in his prime and was traveling across the world, Greer has gotten old and had a very tough time in the last season. James Greer is not like other officers who hide behind a desk and shouts orders, instead, he followed Jack on every mission.

It is how he was captured by the bad guys of season 2 who tortured him and now his health conditions may not allow him to work in the field further. Greer has gotten older and slow which is he will retire in Jack Ryan season 3 and give his entire responsibility to Jack, making the CIA Chief or Director and giving him full power over the security operations.

Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot

Jack Ryan season 3 is confirmed but filming may not start this year and there are high chances that the show won’t be streaming on Amazon prime in 2020. Jack will go on further adventures saving the world from international threats in the third season of the show. Since James Greer might not be present, Jack will be joined by Mike November (Michael Kelly) and Harriet “Harry” Baumann (Noomi Rapace) who appeared in Jack Ryan season 2.

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