‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date, plot rumors: Love triangle on the cards with as Cathy Mueller and Harriet Baumann returns

jack ryan season 3

Following Jack (John Krasinski) and James Greer’s (Wendell Pierce) last mission, the possibilities of how season 3 could be set up are plenty. Though, the return of Cathy Mueller (Abbie Cornish) and Harriet Baumann (Noomi Rapace) might offer an interesting turn of events to Jack’s character given Jack’s relationship with these characters.

‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 plot and cast

Jack and Cathy’s chemistry may have come off as unconvincing in this iteration of “Jack Ryan.” The former’s non-appearance in the second season, however, came as a surprise to many. Jack and Harriet meanwhile share an intimate moment earlier in the season right before they embark on the mission of finding an assassin. Interestingly, the assassin also happens to be Harriet’s love interest in the earlier season. What are the chances though, of them returning in “Jack Ryan” Season 3?

Considering how things unraveled in season two, and the way Jack’s character development was set up heading into season 3, Cathy Mueller’s character might not need to come back. Jack was all business and kept busy chasing down bad guys all around the world.

Lack of mention of Cathy’s character seemed to suggest how an eight-episode run does not leave much time to explore Jack’s love life. On the other hand, not revealing the status of Jack and Cathy’s relationship may even be indicative of a good thing leading to her return in “Jack Ryan” Season 3.

‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date

That being said, given the similarity between Jack and Harriet’s worlds, the makers may find it easier to build the plot by having Jack meet Harriet again. Whether the season 3 plot includes romance remains to be seen. However, it may be an exhilarating sight to see how Jack deals with personal struggles if a love triangle plot surfaces, as some reports suggest, in “Jack Ryan” Season 3.

Fans have sufficient time to build up the curiosity about Jack’s personal and work life. While fans are rooting for the “Jack Ryan” season to premier in 2020, the chances of that happening are slim owing to the COVID-19. In the worst case, the delay could extend up to 2021 or 2022.


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