Jaden Smith to star as Kanye West in a new TV series

Jarden Smith to be starred in a new TV series

Through some of the evidence, there is news about Jarden Smith. There are assumptions and speculations that he will be starring as a young Kanye west in a brand new Television series. The writer of the series said a few things. Through the beholder’s eye who is Kanye, from a new different world.

Jarden Smith is getting a dream role

It is one of the lifetime opportunities for Jarden Smith is to get such a role. Millions and Millions of people try hard and wait for years to land up in such a role. Jarden Smith for sure must be born with a golden spoon.

Jarden Smith to be starred as Kanye west

Smith is 20 years old. Smith will be playing a younger version of the dapper rapper in West’s new TV series. The name of the TV series is ‘Omniverse’, which has a lot to promise. It promises to explore the counter ego through the real picture of West. Also to have a look at the “multiple rooms of perception” according to one of the reporters.

Except for the cast, nothing else is really known about the entire series. The only primary information the audience is aware of it is that Smith will be playing a role. The role will be of the Ye rapper. The script and narration will be written by Silicon Valley’s Lee Sung Jin.

As the script and narration are on its way for finalization, the audience just can’t hold their horses. The entire universe seems to be talking about it and getting super excited. Stay tuned to know more about the cast, and other vital information regarding the brand new series. A lot is going to happen, so stay calm and wait.

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