Jay Bruce outdoes Vargas brilliance to hand Mets another defeat

Mets vs Phillies MLB

Mets continued there disappointing season with a 5-4 defeat to Phillies at Citizen’s Bank Park. Mets can’t seem to get out of the rut with a seventh consecutive game under .500. This is their worst streak ever, not stopping at the record sixth last time. This also happens to be their 4th consecutive defeat.

Nogosek fails to send the game to 11th

That’s what must sting the Mets the most. They lost a 4 point lead but were still in contention tied at the 10th. Rookie Nogosek is rated as an able pitcher and was given the responsibility to send the game to 11th. Jay Bruce at strike doubled over centerfield and hit the winning run to seal a come from behind for Phillies.

Nogosek failed and with him dashed hopes of a late comeback elongating their losing run.

“It just didn’t work out,” Nogosek said.

Mets Manager Callaway disappointed

Mets have descended to 37-44 with this defeat. The manner of their recent results is frustrating, to say the least. They were 4-0 up at one time and looked set to finally break the rut. That’s when their bullpen Seth Lugo blew it all.

Jay Bruce outdoes Vargas brilliance to hand Mets another defeat01

Nogosek failed to stop the winning run. Image: MMN

Touted as Met’s best reliever, Lugo has had more than one disappointing performances in less than a week. It was the homer he conceded that downed his team in Chicago. This time it was Cesar Hernandez who started it. He hit a ground-rule double for the first run. Segura, later on, scored two more to tie the affair before Nogosoke conceded the losing run.

“They all sting,” Mets manager Mickey Callaway said.

“It’s another one. We have a lead with not many outs to go and we just can’t hold it. I think if we could’ve done that consistently all season, we’d be right up there with everybody at the top. It hasn’t happened, but we’re competing. It stings every night.”

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