Jay-Z and Timbaland sued for copy infringement by 81-Year Old R&B Singer


Jay-Z & Timbaland recently got sued for copyright infringement by an eighty-one years old singer. Both of them are successful hip hop artists, cum songwriters who gained fame in the late 90s.

Ernie Hines filed a complaint against Jay-Z and Timbaland

Jay-Z and Timbaland sued for copy infringement by 81-Year Old R&B Singer

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A few years back, Timbaland and Jay-Z sampled a song from an 81-Year old R&B singer for their popular tracks. However, they never confronted him about the songs. Ernie Hines is an old lad, and he never listens to hip hop tracks. Plus, he never knew such songs existed. When he found out, he decided to file a lawsuit against Timbaland and Jay-Z.

He also filed a lawsuit against Roc-A-Fella Records, Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings as well as Sony Music. Hines’ attorney assisted him with legal papers. He has listed all their wrongdoings in the papers itself.

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Ernie is an American early 90s singer. His songs were unlawfully sampled and he wants the artists and company to pay the price. He pointed out his song Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart) which is an R&B track released in 1970 got copied by the artists.

As per the sources, Hines has charged $2,000,000 on Jay-Z’s “Paper Chase” (Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life), and Ginuwine’s “Toe 2 Toe” for $2,000,000 with the help of his lawyer.

Hines’ lawyer Christopher Brown also stated that no one tried to reach Hines before releasing the tracks. The songs were released during the period of 1998 to 2001. Later on, his lawyer also added that Hines’ lack of interest in modern rap music was the reason they had delayed in time in suing the artists.

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