Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumors: Friends Actress to adopt a Kid?


Earlier this month, a source claimed that Jennifer Aniston was planning to adopt a kid with the help of Brad Pitt. However, the adoption did not take place after Brad Pitt, allegedly, bailed on Jennifer Aniston.

Is Sandra Bullock the person behind stimulating Jennifer to adopt?

Now, Jennifer’s close friend, Sandra Bullock is stimulating her to adopt the baby. After all, Sandra has also adopted two kids, Laila, 8 and Louis, 10.

The source said,

After catching up on their news, the conversation naturally progressed on to Sandra’s two kids, which prompted Jen to ask more questions around the adoption and the various stages after bringing the baby home.

Sandra recently had a chat with her regarding the adoption process . She tried to convince her emotionally and practically.

Jennifer’s friends always respects his decision

Jennifer’s other close friend also supported the decision of her about adopting a baby. The actress friends are ready to help her for anything that will make the adoption process easier for her.

After talking to Sandra the actress has finalized his decision of becoming a mother. After seeing Sandra’s journey, she is clear that she can also do it.

Sandra told her that initially it would be a hard job, but it will change her life completely and she would not regret his decision.

Jennifer and Brad adoption rumors

Rumors about Aniston adopting a baby has been heard for years. A source claimed this year that Brad and Aniston adopted a baby from an orphanage in mexico.

However, a source busted  all these rumors. Jennifer has no plans of adopting a baby in mexico, nor has she hired a nanny. It’s all a made up story.

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