Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler Dating Rumors: Have they come closer after Jen’s Divorce?


The F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress Jennifer Aniston is currently getting cozy with her ex-boyfriend Gerard Butler. The actress has always been in limelight for her personal life. Looks like this pandemic has brought the two closer as they have been rumored to be spending time together again.

Are the two getting back together?

The actors who have shared an amazing time back in 2010 called it off after a year of dating. They had parted ways on good terms and were always good friends. Later Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux after a courtship period of approximately 5 years.

Apparently, Jen and Gerard came closer after the former’s divorce in 2018. Jen went through a much-publicized divorce. For a very long time, the divorce was a major talk of the town. Gerard is one of the closest confidants of the 51-year-old actress. He became a shoulder for her to cry on during the hard time.

How is Morgan Brown reacting to this friendship?

The fact that Gerard still finds her witty and equally beautiful cannot be side-lined. But this can definitely create issues since Gerard already has another beautiful woman in his life. Their closeness will not go very smoothly down Morgan Brown’s neck for sure.

If Morgan Brown finds out about this hush-hush flirting then she might leave Gerard. If she is to leave him this time, it would be for sure and Gerard might lose her for good this time.


Seems like all this is complete bullshit since both the actors are just good friends. The story had no legs to stand on as confirmed by Jen’s representative. Jennifer has been linked with all her past lovers since her divorce from Brad Pitt to Gerard Bulter. But it looks like Jen is happily enjoying her single time.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard are friends and Gerard is more than happy in his relationship with Morgan Brown as is Jen with her single status for now. He says that he is content with what he has and hasn’t felt happier in a long time like this.

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