Jennifer Aniston Heartbreak: Courteney Cox not Inviting Jen to the Secret Wedding Rumors

Jennifer Aniston Heartbreak- Courtney Cox not Inviting Jen to the Secret Wedding Rumors

Jennifer Aniston had a heartbreak when her best friend Courteney Cox didn’t invite her to the wedding. As per the Women’s Day magazine, Aniston has been snubbed from Cox and Johnny McDaid’s secret marriage ceremony. Even though Rachel Green (Jennifer) and Monica Geller (Courteney) are the best pals in the show Friends, the reality is very different.

Even Lisa Kudrow hates Aniston in real life as she and Cox feel that Jen has stolen all the limelight and they are just confined to the sidelines. The source claims that Courteney and Johnny had a Christmas wedding, but Jen was not invited to the ceremony. Here are more details on the rumors of Jennifer Aniston feeling heartbroken over not getting an invite to Courteney Cox’s wedding.

Jennifer Aniston is Heartbroken after Courteney Cox didn’t Invited her to the Wedding

Jennifer Aniston is Heartbroken after Courtney Cox didn't Invited her to the Wedding

Jennifer Aniston broke down in tears when she learned about the wedding of Courteney Cox from a mutual friend. The source further adds that Aniston was devastated as she considered Cox as her sister and she was not invited to the ceremony. Jen wanted to see Courteney walk down the aisle but her dream will never come true.

The magazine also claims that the reason why Cox banned Aniston from the wedding is related to Justin Theroux. Courteney and Justin are good friends and she didn’t want Jen to fight with her ex-husband at the wedding. Also, Courteney Cox thought that Jennifer Aniston will feel bad as her marriage with Brad Pitt ended up into a divorce, and hence it is better to not give her another reason to remember the bad memories.

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Fight Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Fight Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox rumors of a feud over wedding invitation are absolutely bogus and hold no truth. First of all, Courteney and Johnny McDaid had no secret wedding as they have just resumed their relationship and refers to each other as girlfriend-boyfriend.

Also, Aniston and Cox are very good friends in real life which is apparent from that constantly hanging out together and their social media pictures. The rumors of a feud between the Friends stars are totally fake and one must never believe in them. Jennifer, Lisa and Courteney were recently seen watching the Emmys together and fans were so happy to see them reunite.

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