Jennifer Aniston heartbroken over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s hookup?


Fifteen years ago, stories about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting together would have made the headlines. Since Brad Pitt first betrayed Jennifer Aniston, the stars have been through several breakups. We have all heard many false stories about the stars since then. Let’s get to the root of the rumors.

Pitt and Jolie are allegedly back together

A source recently claimed that Pitt and Jolie have decided to reconcile. Apparently, Jolie is finding the reconciliation very comforting. But is this all really true? And even if it was, only Jolie would know the truth.

Is it a Rumor or for Real?

The tabloid initially claimed that Pitt and Jolie are sleeping together. However, later on, it claimed that the story was just made up. If it was actually true, how would Aniston react?

Pitt’s was spotted outside Jolie’s home, leaving on his bike. Even though the actor went there to meet his kids, the visit has sparked many rumors.

Apparently, Pitt is back with Aniston too

So what is actually going on here? As if the rumor about Pitt and Jolie sleeping together was not big enough, we got another one to add on. Some sources reported that their hatred for Jolie has brought them together once again.

It was also claimed that Pitt has come a long way since his split with Jolie. There is no going back now.

Who is Brad Pitt actually dating?

Busted! Brad Pitt is dating neither Angelina Jolie nor Jennifer Aniston. Regardless of the number of rumors going around, the facts remain the same. Pitt is focusing on work at the moment. He is all set to join a CBS tribute to Rep. John Lewis. The three stars are single and not hooking up with anyone.

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