Jennifer Aniston is very happy to hear about Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux’s Relationship


A tabloid claims that exes of these famous people are dating each other secretly. Let’s find out if it’s true. Justin Theroux is secretly dating Katie Holmes and that too with the blessings of Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid press is treating this whole story as a saga.

Earlier in March, a source claimed that Holmes and Theroux are exploring the New York City on their dates. The couple’s friends reported that the two often visit Katy’s favorite bookstore. They also hand out at each other’s homes a lot. However, it is not wise to believe a solitary source.

Apparently, Jennifer is also happy for the couple and she has given her blessings to them. Justin has also met Suri Cruise, Katy’s daughter. But Theroux seeking blessings from his ex seems a bit peculiar.

The Real Truth About Theroux and Katy’s Dating Story

The entire tale seems a bit odd because it’s not true. It’s all made up. Well, the tabloid surely tried hard to show some truth in the story.

A magazine also claimed that since Theroux and Holmes live nearby, there are huge chances that the two are together. One source even said that the two met have mutual friends and that’s how they met. Well, there is no truth in this.

This story is also in contrast to another one, where it was claimed that Aniston was not happy with the news. Since the entire relationship thing is a made up faux, it doesn’t matter what the tabloid say.

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