Jennifer Aniston v/s Angelina Jolie: Actresses still fighting over Brad Pitt?


According to a report, Brad Pitt’s ex-wives are rivals in the books of the tabloid and having fights for a couple of years.

The talk between them didn’t go well

A so-called source added “II don’t know what possessed Brad and Jen to think the meet-up would be a good idea. Jolie apparently attacked the weakest points.” This is another article that tried to shoe Jennifer as an angel and Jolie a devil.

A source claimed that Aniston is attempting a conversation with Angelina Jolie to cool thing between the two.

The article is completely bogus

The article is based on past assumptions that have been busted earlier. So, there is nothing true in this article. No source could possess such information unless they were physically present at the table with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Reputed source spoke to Aniston’s spokesman who told that the story was totally fabricated and untrue.

The article mentions the things that didn’t happen

The article quotes Jennifer “reunited with Brad last week for a virtual reading of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” A reputed source debunked the story which hasn’t happen.

Earlier, the reputed source also busted a claim that Angelina is trying to shift her brood to London. None of these things are taking place.

More bogus claims from the unnamed source

Earlier this month, the source claimed that Jolie and Pitt are moving together in relationship, breaking Aniston’s heart once again.

Now it is claiming that Brad Pitt is depending on Jennifer Aniston to keep things civil. There is no indication of their reunion, just like there was no mention about the Pitt and Jolie story.

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