Jennifer Garner And Jennifer Lopez Feud Rumours: ‘Peppermint’ Actress Has Banned JLo From Meeting Ben Affleck’s Kids?

Jennifer Garner; Ben Affleck
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Jennifer Garner is refusing to let Jennifer Lopez meet her and Ben Affleck‘s children. Tabloids are suggesting bad blood between both Jennifers in Ben’s life.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner Won’t Approve Bennifer Reunion?

Rumour has it that “mama bear” Garner is at war with Hustlers star Lopez. Garner is supposedly unconvinced that Lopez will be in Affleck’s life for very long. Lopez’s three marriages and Affleck’s lousy track record with the ladies serve as proof that it’s not going to work out.

While Garner has reunited with her ex, John Miller, she is urging Affleck to show some restraint, especially towards their children. Apparently, it was fine for him to let them meet Ana, because that was a serious relationship. But JLo is a totally different situation.

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Non-Existent Drama

It is obvious that tabloids are trying to insult Affleck and invent drama where there is none. Besides, gossip columns have tried this narrative before. When Affleck was dating Ana de Armas, plenty of magazines reported that Garner wanted the actress nowhere near their children. Obviously, rumour mongers enjoy painting Garner as an overbearing ex-wife and mother.

While Garner and Affleck were married for thirteen years and share three children together, it seems they’ve been on good terms since their split in 2018. The former couple has been seeing other people for some time now and there’s nothing to suggest she’s angry about reunion. There’s even less evidence to suggest she’s actively trying to keep her children away from Lopez.

Garner and Affleck have been successfully co-parenting for some time now. Additionally, Affleck was back in California to see his children just this week. It seems entirely possible that Garner and Affleck are happy in their own relationships and care deeply for their children. It’s simply offensive to suggest that Affleck doesn’t have his kids’ best interests in mind.

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