Jennifer Garner And John Miller Wedding Rumours: Actress Tying The Knot With Businessman Boyfriend?

Jennifer Garner John Miller
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Jennifer Garner is headed for the altar, again. This time it is with boyfriend John Miller. Apparently, Garner thinks that settling down with the CaliBurger CEO is the right thing to do. It’s clear they still have so much love for each other.

Last summer, reports swirled that Miller and Garner called it quits. But earlier this month, multiple publications confirmed that they have gotten back together.

Jennifer Garner Getting Married?

Rumour has it that the couple is thinking about tying the knot next April to coincide with Garner’s 50th birthday. She likes the idea of a small and intimate affair with their closest friends and family there to help them celebrate.

Garner’s family, especially her three children are, allegedly, thrilled to learn that she will soon settle down with Miller. After all, they all like the businessman. Garner can really relate to Miller in a lot of ways. They’re both divorced and co-parent with their exes.

Jennifer Garner John Miller

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Revenge On Ben Affleck?

Gossip columns claim that Garner and Miller’s upcoming wedding will serve as the actress’s revenge for her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. After all, there are rumors that Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are rekindling their romance.

The time spent apart from John has made Jennifer reevaluate things. She thinks she’s finally ready to make this huge step. And she is very happy about it.

Jennifer Garner; Ben Affleck

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Load Of Bogus

The truth is that Garner and Miller are not planning their wedding. Tabloids simply like to create stories. The couple literally just got back together. How could the jump straight into something so elaborate as a wedding. Therefore, it seems unlikely for them to be rushing into anything.

Also, Garner isn’t trying to get her revenge on Affleck. That ship has long sailed. Now, they are nothing but amicable co-parents to their three children. There are no hard feeling to plot revenge. Or take life-altering decisions, just to get back at an ex.

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