Jennifer Garner, John Miller Wedding Rumors: Couple has already married Last Summer?


Last year Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split up. The pair already started dating other people before their divorce was finalized.

It took Jennifer two years to select a right dating partner. On the other hand, Ben also dated a few people in this time frame.

Jennifer and John tying the knot this summer?

The actress is currently dating John Miller and it is confirmed by the pictures they posted online. This is the first time that Jennifer has been so open about her relationship. The guy she is dating is not a celebrity so there is very less knowledge available about him.

A report recently claimed that Jennifer and John finally got married after two years of dating. Their marriage ceremonies took place last summer. But not much came into anyone’s knowledge.

Before this the same publication claimed that the pair is preparing to get married. The pair decided to have a summer wedding and dates have already been booked.

“No one would surprised if they got engaged by summer” a source reported to the magazine. It was also claimed that Jennifer was very excited to get back into the shoes of a wife again and trusts John that he will prove to be a great husband.

Is there anything true about these wedding stories?

Sources checked if this story is true or false. Has Jennifer really married John? After some intense research, the sources concluded the answer of the question is “No.”

Some sources also contacted close friends of the actress and reached to the conclusion that the story is fabricated. It was also explained that Jennifer is not even thinking of getting married, so there is nothing true about this story.

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