Jennifer Lawrence Pregnancy Rumors: Actress wants a Baby with Husband Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence Pregnancy Rumors: Actress wants a Baby with Husband Cooke Maroney
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Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumors are making headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns these days. There are new reports in the ‘OK!’ magazine that claims Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney are trying to become parents as the actress wants a baby soon. The source further adds that ever since Jennifer and Cooke got married, they are trying to get pregnant and have kids as soon as it is possible.

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence got to know that her best friend Emma Stone has delivered a baby, she can’t wait to become a mother herself. Here is more on Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumors and the possible truth behind the actress wanting a baby with Cooke Maroney.

Jennifer Lawrence wants a Baby with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence is very excited to become a mom after she saw Emma Stone playing with her little baby girl. Jen can see the joy on Emma’s face and she wants the same, which is why she can’t wait to get pregnant. The actress is currently filming for ‘Don’t Look Up’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and as soon as the shoot is done, Lawrence will set her priorities on getting pregnant.

Jennifer is currently focusing on her health, has cut off alcohol and she is sure that Cooke will be a great father. Jennifer Lawrence wants a baby with Cooke Maroney and they can’t wait to become proud parents.

Jennifer Lawrence Pregnancy Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumors are not true as there is no evidence to support the claim. The tabloids have been saying that Lawrence is hiding a baby bump for months now and somehow there is no progress and the actress has not delivered any kids. Further, Jen has signed multiple projects and is focusing on work, so we can assume that there are no baby plans for her and the husband at the moment.

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