Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Rumors: Couple ready to adopt a girl and a boy?


A magazine reports that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are welcoming two new members to their family. The couple is adopting a girl and a boy. Let’s check if this report is true or not.

Adoption Plans

Recently, a source claimed that Jennifer and Alex have a secret adoption plan. However, Rodriguez and Lopez were confused if they should adopt a girl or a boy. So they thought that it would be better to adopt a girl and a boy both. The source said,

Jennifer wants a girl and he wants a boy. It’s as simple as that.

Neither Rodriguez nor Lopez was ready to let go of their choice and it was turning into a standoff between the two of them. Well, getting each of one was the best decision they could take. The magazine claims that the couple couldn’t be happier with their decision.

The magazine’s insider added,

Being in lockdown has brought a strong sense of family out in both of them and they’re so thrilled to be giving a home to two unwanted kids.

Truth behind the Adoption Rumor

The claims about Jennifer and Alex adopting a girl and a boy are nothing more than just rumors. A source close to the singer claimed that the reports are totally absurd and bogus. Even though Lopez wants to have children with Rodriguez, she is not sure about the timing yet.

Incorrect baby and adoption rumors about Jennifer and Alex were busted earlier as well. in the earlier rumors, it was alleged that Jennifer and Alex were adopting kids from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Some sources have also falsely claimed that Lopez was pregnant. But there is no truth in any of these rumors.

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