Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Dating Rumors: J-Lo is Too Busy for a Romantic Relationship

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Dating Rumors: J-Lo is Too Busy for a Romantic Relationship
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s dating rumors are in the news once again ever since the ex-couple was spotted together after their high-profile breakups. Jennifer ended her four-year-old engagement with Alex Rodriguez, whereas Ben broke up with Ana de Armas after year of a relationship.

Both the stars are newly single and they have decided to give their romance another go in hopes that it works this time. As per the ‘National Enquirer’ magazine reports, J-Lo is too scared for another relationship after so many heartbreaks that she has decided to take things differently this time.

The source adds that you can’t expect Lopez to get attached even after making one mistake, you did one thing wrong and she will be out of your time. Also, the singer-actor is too busy in her professional works that she doesn’t have time for a proper romantic relationship. Here is more on Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck dating rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of J-Lo being too busy to have a romance.

Jennifer Lopez is Too Busy to have Romance

Jennifer Lopez is currently too busy with her career and she hardly has time to date anyone. The recent trip to Montana with Ben Affleck is nothing but a vacation to take her mind off from Alex Rodriguez cheating on her. Lopez doesn’t want to cry after her breakup and it is why she decided to take a break and spend time with Affleck who is also going through a similar situation.

But that doesn’t mean that Bennifer is back on as J-Lo doesn’t have any time for romance, she wants to stay busy and give time to herself before committing to another relationship.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck dating rumors can’t be confirmed or denied at this moment unless there is something coming out officially. It is true that the ex-couple is spending time together, but that doesn’t mean they are in a relationship or getting married as per some of the reports. It will be clear soon whether J-Lo and the Batman star are back together or it is just a simple fling and they will go separate ways soon.

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