Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Rumors: J-Lo has Banned Ben from Clubs and Partying?

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Rumors: J-Lo has Banned Ben from Clubs and Partying?
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rumors are currently the favorite topics of tabloids and gossip columns ever since the couple has reunited. As per the ‘Life & Style’ magazine reports, J-Lo has a very bad memory of Ben going to clubs as he cheated on her with a stripper and it was the main reason why they broke up earlier.

It is why Lopez has now banned Affleck from partying and clubbing so that their relationship can work around this time. Jennifer has set a few rules for Ben this time and it includes no strip clubs and no partying. Here is more on Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of J-Lo banning Ben from clubs and parties.

Jennifer Lopez has Banned Ben Affleck from Clubs and Parties

Jennifer Lopez is not taking any risks this time and she doesn’t want to repeat the things that happened previously. Ben Affleck might have changed but alcohol can be a big factor that makes him do things that he doesn’t want to, which is why she is not taking any chances.

Even Affleck understands the situation and he is happy that J-Lo took him back and forgave her past mistakes. The source adds that Ben will do anything to keep Jen happy, even if it includes no clubs or parties.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck rumors of no clubs or parties are not true and none of it even makes any sense. It is true that Ben and Jennifer are kind of back together, but nothing has been confirmed about their relationship. There is no way a tabloid would know what happens behind closed doors as Affleck and Lopez still continue to be a mystery to the world.

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