Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt Dating Rumors: JLo looking for Love after Breakup with Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt Dating Rumors: JLo looking for Love after Breakup with Alex Rodriguez
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Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt’s dating rumors are the new talk of the town ever since the singer has broken up with fiancee Alex Rodriguez. As per the latest article in the New Idea magazine, JLo has set her eyes on Brad and she wants to have a romantic relationship with the Hollywood superstar.

The magazine further adds that Lopez will leave Rodriguez soon and she will spend the next part of her life with Pitt. Jennifer is already heartbroken after her split with Alex and she thinks Brad Pitt is the perfect person with whom she can move on as they have been through similar situations. Here is more on Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt dating rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Jennifer Lopez is Flirting with Brad Pitt after her Breakup?

Jennifer Lopez has been talking with Brad Pitt for the last few days and the two of them are trying to get comfortable with each other. The source further adds that JLo and Pitt played the game of “Who’d You Rather?” to break the ice between them and things are now going smoothly. If things continue to move forward at the same pace, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez could be the next power couple in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt dating rumors makes no sense and they are totally fake. Jennifer and Brad don’t even know each other, they have never met and surely they are not talking to each other. Lopez and Rodriguez have only called off their marriage, but they are still together and there is no breakup announced. Brad Pitt has nothing to with Jennifer Lopez or even Aniston, but his name keeps getting linked with everyone.

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