Jennifer Lopez Rumors: J-Lo is Losing Friends over Self-Obsession and throwing Tantrums

Jennifer Lopez Rumors: J-Lo is Losing Friends over Self-Obsession and throwing Tantrums
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Jennifer Lopez has always been a constant name in the rumor mill as the tabloids and gossip columns are always creating stories about her. There is a new report claiming that J-Lo is losing her famous friends as she is always talking about herself.

As per the ‘Globe’ magazine reports, Jennifer’s ego has become too big for Hollywood and she is so much obsessed with herself that her A-listers friends now feel annoyed. The source further adds everyone in Lopez’s life has accepted that they would have to listen to her and accept her tantrums or else they would be gone from her life. Here is more on Jennifer Lopez’s rumors of losing friends over self-obsession and throwing tantrums.

Jennifer Lopez is Too Much Self-Obsessed

Jennifer Lopez acting all pushy is not much of a problem for the regular people as they are happy to even hang out with such a famous star. But the ones who are famous themselves, can’t stand her diva attitude and they are leaving her slowly.

The source further adds that celebs such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others have gotten bored of the 51-year-old singer’s self-centered talks. J-Lo won’t even ask the others how they are doing and avoid hugs so that her makeup is not spoiled, which has made everyone avoid her in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez Rumors and Real Truth

Jennifer Lopez’s rumors of self-obsession and people avoiding her are totally fake and don’t even make any sense. Ever since Lopez has announced a split with Alex Rodriguez, the tabloids are making false stories around her and portraying her as some sort of troublemaker. Jennifer and Ben Affleck have recently reunited and everyone is happy for her, even Matt Damon said he hopes that the rumors are true, which clearly proves that people love her.

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