Jimmy Kimmel Replacement Rumours: The Host Losing His Show To Jennifer Lawrence?

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel might lose his job as a TV show host. The popular comedian has now come under fire for his history of portraying “blackface” for his comic acts.

Some of Kimmel’s old photographs sporting a “blackface” recently resurfaced, for which the host faced a lot of backlash. When Kimmel decided to go on a temporary summer hiatus, rumours started out that the late-night host was going to be kicked off his prime-time show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Is This The End Of Career For Jimmy Kimmel?

News has been doing rounds in the last few weeks that Kimmel was being replaced. A scandal-ridden host could reflect badly on the channel’s reputation. Even though Kimmel issued a public apology following the debacle of the “blackface” photos, popular opinion was that it did nothing but seal the host’s doom. ABC was already looking for his replacement. 

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In spite of all the criticism for his mistake, the writer-producer has a three-year contract extension with ABC, which he signed in August 2019. Additionally, Kimmel just recently hosted the Emmys. Hence, it’s rather safe to say the host isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jimmy Kimmel Emmys

Jennifer Lawrence replacing Jimmy Kimmel?

In another report, The Hunger Games actress has had an eye on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And, apparently, the hosting gig was a dream job for Lawrence. The Red Sparrow star dropped hints here and there that she had an interest in the show.

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel

The very news that Kimmel was being replaced is fake. Therefore, Lawrence coming into the picture is not even remotely a possibility. As a matter of fact, Kimmel returned to his show following his summer break on September 21st. All this replacement gossip must have cropped up because of the positive feedback when Lawrence took over Kimmel’s show that one time.

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