John Hugo introduces the Straight Pride Parade

John Hugo Introduces the Straight Pride Parade

After all the gay pride parades, it is now time for the Straight Pride Parade in June.  This Pride Parade is not like all the parades you have been hearing about. This Straight Pride Parade will be held in the scorching heat of Boston. The event will be held on the 31st of August in the city of Boston.

John Hugo Introduces the Straight Pride Parade.

The flag representing, the Straight Pride Parade.

Super Happy Fun America

A group called “Super Happy Fun America” are the organizers of the parade. A press conference regarding the event was held on Wednesday. John Hugo is the president of Super Happy Fun America as well as the organizer of the this parade. An announcement by Hugo confirmed that the event will be held on August 31.

John Hugo Introduces the Straight Pride Parade'

John Hugo is the president of “Super Happy Fun America” as well as the “organizer” of the Parade.

Straight Pride Parade: It’s great to be straight

“It’s Great to be Straight” is the tagline of the group called “Super Happy Fun America”. The group has an official website, where Hugo calls the straight population as the oppressed majority. He stands to fight for the rights of the straights and expresses pride on behalf of them. The group aims to eliminate any kind of hatred, judgment, and fear. Hugo hopes for a day when all straights like all the other orientations will be considered equal. He shared that he wasn’t allowed to fly the flags for this unique purpose.

“Super Happy Fun America” promises to fight for the rights of all the heterosexuals and use this parade as a platform to make the public aware of the problems of heterosexuals in society. The group also aims to win the fight against a serious issue called heterophobia.

The term Straight Pride Parade came up as a troll, who knew it could become a real thing?

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