Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Rumours: Trouble In Paradise Amid Bullying Accusations On The Model?

John legend And Chrissy Teigen
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Chrissy Teigen has recently come under fire for a history of problematic tweets. Gossip columns suggest that this scandal has affected her marriage with John Legend. Allegedly, the couple is going through a rough patch.

Chrissy Teigen And Her Controversial Remarks

The last few weeks have been rough for Teigen. She is normally praised for her sassy comebacks on Twitter. However, she is now facing repercussions for past jabs. Recently, Courtney Stodden told the Daily Beast that the model told them to kill themself ten years ago.

Since the news broke, consequences have been swift for the cookbook author. As a result, she has essentially gone cold on social media. Naturally, many are asking questions about where her marriage with musician John Legend stands. Basically, tabloids are recounting Teigen’s fall from grace which includes quotes from unknown sources and controversial political figure Candace Owens

Apparently, this scandal had come at the worst possible time for Legend. In fact, Legend just won a Grammy for Bigger Love. The award-winning album was inspired by his wife. Rumour mongers speculate that this public fallout maybe causing troubles in their marriage.

Chrissy Teigan John Legend

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Tabloids Cashing In On The Scandal

Evidently, gossip columns are just capitalizing off of the scandal. Teigen and Legend could very well be having a rough time. However, these magazines wouldn’t be the ones to know about it because they are not inside the couple’s marriage. Additionally, quoting someone as controversial as Candace Owens for legitimacy isn’t exactly a good sign.

More Fake Stories

Clearly, tabloids have no idea what’s happening with the two. These magazines are obsessed with Teigen and Legend’s relationship. In 2017, word was that their relationship hit a crisis point. As a matter of fact, this was after Teigen’s experience with postpartum depression.

That same year, it was also alleged that the couple had been fighting nonstop. It’s time we leave them to deal with their lives on their own, instead of making unnecessary assumptions.

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