John Mayer to ace the Bottle Cap Challenge

John Mayer to ace the Bottle Cap Challenge

One of the most popular challenges on the internet today is the Bottle Cap Challenge. The internet challenge is a very thrilling challenge in which the participants are trying to unscrew the bottle cap with their foot without letting the bottle fall on the ground. Many celebrities are flaunting their perfect kicks in the middle of the air.

After Kiki challenge, Welcome the Bottle Cap Challenge

John Mayer to ace the challenge,

John Mayer to ace the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Just like the teenage challenges, in this era of internet, we have witnessed internet challenges. It is pretty easy, people on the internet perform something satisfying and tag people they know to perform the same.

The people tagged accept the challenges and tag people ahead. This results in an endless number of followers. Millions of challenges are given and accepted every day but only a few become viral sensations. The 2018 viral challenge was the Kiki challenge and the Bottle Cap Challenge is the viral challenge of this summer.

After the Kiki challenge, this challenge has attracted a lot of attention this summer. Even the busiest celebrities have given a shot. One of them is John Mayer.

This challenge in 2019, demands athletic fitness. It is absolutely different from the Water Bottle Flip Challenge which has been popular among teenagers since forever.

Who started this viral challenge?

The Bottle Cap Challenge was started on the 25th of June 2019, Farabi Davletchin who is a Taekwondo instructor as well as a fighter. The challenge was continued by the martial artist, Max Holloway.

John Mayer to ace the Bottle Cap Challenge

The Bottle Cap Challenge was started on the 25th of June 2019, Farabi Davletchin who is a Taekwondo instructor.

We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off John Mayer

Max Holloway, further tagged John Mayer. Well, we all know Mayer is not a professional martial artist. But, to everyone’s surprise, the singing sensation surprised everyone with a successful attempt. The video posted by John Mayer was absolutely satisfying and we can’t keep our eyes off.

John Mayer further tagged David Spade, Questlove, and Shawn Mendes.

“I actually can’t believe this wow,” commented Shawn Mendes. John Mayer also challenged Jason Statham. Statham further challenged Guy Ritchie for this challenge.

An absolutely entertaining series of videos is going to entertain us. All thanks to Farabi Davletchin’s Challenge.

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