Joker movie vs DC Comics: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has no similarities to DC comies reveals Todd Phillips

Joker Movie director clears about its storyline – it’s not based on DC comics

The person who puts on a happy face mask and regenerates the laws are made to break is now in cinemas again but with a new origin story from his backdrop. The latest news on the Joker movie by Todd Philips is intriguing that it doesn’t counter with DC comics. Moreover, a new radical change which is inspired by Scorsese or the late 1970s movies. However, Philips makes a clear interpretation of the character for being unique and original performed by Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker Movie director clears about its storyline – it’s not based on DC comics

The Joker character is played by Joaquin Phoenix
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The Joker Movie stars Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker Movie follows the character of Arthur Fleck who is a failed comedian. He takes life too seriously before getting involved in misery. However, things take a turn and later making him a psychopath from the Gotham city.

He turns card against him and tries to strike out people he wants. Due to reports claim, Todd Philips always wanted Phoenix to play the role of Joker. So, he tried writing the story which won’t match with the story of DC comics.

On another note, writer and director Phillips complains his concerns while writing the story. He later adds while talking to Empire, He kept a picture of Phoenix during the initial period of writing.

However, Philips imagined the consequences of giving the role of a psychopath to Phoenix. This Joker movie is just a newer and original score version developed by Philips.

Joker Movie director clears about its storyline – it’s not based on DC comics

The movie doesn’t cover anything from DC comics – its all new story
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The Joker Movie: Plot

However, it seems like many Joker fans won’t be happy to see the newer version. But this movie will develop a texture for the Joker Movie. The bond between Phoenix and Philips will surely stand out to give a new story for the unhappy psychopath man.

For now, everything is set up – a teaser trailer is also on the internet making millions of views. The Joker movie is scheduled to release on October 4 of this year. And it covers a budget of not less than 55 million dollars.

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