Joker on VOD: Will it be on Netflix? How to Watch Joker Online?

Joker on Netflix

When Joker released earlier this month, the movie was met by a great response from viewers and critics alike! The movie transcended beyond just a comicbook film and addressed some deep real-life issues such as those of mental health and how situations mold a man. A number of fans are now wondering when will Joker be on VOD so that they can re-watch the film at the leisure of their home.

Joker VOD release

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Let us take a closer look at this and see when will Joker release on Netflix (or other streaming platforms) and how to watch the movie online!

When Will Joker Release on Netflix and VOD Platforms?

As of this writing we do not really have a timeline on when the movie will be out on Netflix or other VOD platforms, but given the way things have worked out between Netflix and DC over the past few years, we anticipate that Joker will be out on the platform soon enough.

Watch Joker on Netflix

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In the past we have seen other popular movies such as Wonder Woman, Justice League and Batman vs Superman, as well as the Christopher Nolan Batman trio being streamed on Netflix. Hence, there is no reason to assume as to why Joker won’t release there soon!

How to Watch Joker Online?

Joker Movie on VOD

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As of this writing, there is no legal way to watch the movie online. However, we expect that the movie will be out on Netflix at some point in 2020 which is when you can easily watch it. This is the best way to watch Joker online!

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