Joker Sequel Release Date, Possible Plot and Cast Details

Joker Sequel Release Date

Joker movie is doing great the box office and very soon could become the first R-Rated movie to enter the billion dollars club. The film starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Philips received a lot of critical acclaims and is loved by the fans. Due to its amazing reviews and masterful performance, it is one of the best-reviewed movies of 2019 and is still running successfully in the theaters.

It has lead to the makers think about a Joker sequel due to the increase in the popularity and fans asking for more of this new Joker universe. The current movie was disconnected from the regular DC Universe and Joker 2 will also be the same. Here are the possible plot details, cast and release date information on the Joker movie sequel.

Joker Movie Sequel Plot Details

Joker Movie Sequel Plot Details

The Joker movie was totally different from the source material and something which has never been done before. There was no superhero aspect to the film as it focused on the perils of the society on the weak and poor people. Joker 2 would also have a similar storyline where it revolves around a certain thematic element and its longtime effects on the character.

Todd Philips, the director of the movie has spoken about the possibility of a sequel to Joker and how it could move the plot forward. “While most of the movies are about the spark, Joker 2 will be about the powder, it would capture the real struggle of the character and not just about the crazy clown prince of Gotham,” says the director of Joker sequel.

Joker 2 Release Date: Will there Be a Sequel?

Joker 2 Release Date Will there Be a Sequel

It will be too early to decide a release date for the Joker movie sequel and the makers will take a few years in between to develop the storyline. The director has said that if Joaquin Phoenix wants to do it, we will the second Joker movie.

However, the film almost used no special effects or VFX and was completed in less than a year. Based on the movie sequels from Warner Bros (IT Chapter in 2017 and IT Chapter 2 in 2019), Joker sequel release could be around the end of the year 2021.

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