Jonathan Groff offers another sneak-peak of Frozen 2

Jonathan Groff offers another sneak-peak of Frozen 2

Are you one amongst the many who are desperately waiting for Frozen 2 updates? An itching feeling sweeps your body when you think about how long you have to wait for the film? Well, Jonathan Groff is promising a slight relief to us all! The Kristoff voice-star, Jonathan Groff gave us all a little teaser sneak-peak to Frozen 2!

Jonathan Groff is our Savior from Frozen 2 lack-of-information-anxiety attack!

Jonathan Groff offers another sneak-peak of Frozen 2

Kristoff and Anna
Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Mindhunter star, recently blessed The Tonight show featuring Jimmy Fallon with his presence. Well, we all know when you are in the-cast-list of an highly-anticipated movie then every-visit to shows become a place where the subject surfaces. Like this becomes as inevitable as the break of dawn each day!

So when Jonathan was asked about the film he offered a little teaser from the Disney’s new animation sequel. However, before the teaser came a very sweet and awe worthy moment. The star recorded a voicemail for Fallon’s two daughters Winnie and Frannie. The recording held a snippet of Frozen 2 “Reindeers Are Better Than People” song. Here is the video of it all!

What brought this on?

Jonathan Groff on The Tonight Show
Source: Playbill

Jonathan Groff informed that he has got the rights of the song along with Disney’s permission to release a movie line. Last Friday, the celebrity was recording his final voiceover session and that is when he got the green signal.

He stated the teaser as the world-premiere of just a single line that is present in the film. Frozen 2 is a follow-up after the 2013 hit of the Disney animated film. The initial film left all flabbergasted as Anna and Elsa showed the real meaning of love in the end.

When all were thinking about Kristoff being the one who will save Anna and restore things Disney played its game. Telling all that family can make anything happen, teaching the true definition of real love and sacrifice.

Well, just hang in there for a bit longer for Frozen 2 will hit the theaters on 22nd November.

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