Julia Robert, Daniel Moder Divorce Rumors: Real Culprit disturbing the Happy Marriage Revealed


Julia Roberts  has been married to Danny Moder for more than eighteen years now. But their marriage has been always a subject to gossip. One source claimed that Danny has dumped Roberts. However, one should check if there is anything true about this claim.

Danny Moder left Roberts

A source claimed that Danny Moder has ended his 18 year old relationship with Julia Roberts. He left Julia for dating his co-worker Katheryn Winnick.

The source also claimed that after getting separated, Julia has had a serious weight loss. The reason behind it is the stressful condition she is going through. It was also claimed that she has stopped eating and she is barely sleeping.

When times are tough, she tends to ignore her diet and sleep routine, so the pounds just met of her,

Moder and Roberts rumors readdressed

Their marriage has always been subject to several rumors in the past years.

One source also claimed that Julia Roberts was dating her former on-screen partner George Clooney. The two have been together in various projects over the past few years. A report claimed that they have decided to get together officially after they get divorced from their respective partners.

However, a reputed source busted this rumor as it was not true.

What’s actually true about the couple’s relationship?

The rumors going around are completely false. The couple is happy and recently celebrated their eighteenth marriage anniversary. Julia even posted a picture with husband Moder celebrating their anniversary.

Moreover, Julia even paid a tribute to husband Moder on Instagram on the occasion of Father’s Day.

She posted a photo of him with his surfboard and called Moder an ideal Dad.


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