Julia Roberts-Richard Gere Rumors: The Co-Stars Want A Baby?

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere first met when they worked together on Pretty Woman in 1990. The duo made a beautiful pair and have enthralled audiences with their sweet romance for decades. They have come a long way with their respective lives since then.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Rumour has it that the two are reuniting after all this time, to celebrate the babies in their lives. Gossip suggests that things could get romantic between the co-stars in real this time.

Julia Roberts wishing for another baby?

Richard Gere already has a son with wife Alejandra Silva. The couple is now expecting another child. And on this occasion, Gere has reportedly rekindled his bond with Julia. Gere is apparently leaning on Julia for advice on parenthood. Furthermore, he has suggested her to be his youngest’s godmother.

Meanwhile, Roberts’ husband Danny Moder supposedly feels insecure about this reunion. Although, news about Moder’s alleged jealousy has been doing rounds every once in a while, and in relation to many other male actors. Gossip also suggests that Roberts would like to have one more baby with Moder.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Tabloids have always been wrong when it comes to Roberts

Neither Gere nor Roberts really did anything publicly for gossip mills to churn. Both the actors run in separate circles now. Additionally, there’s no evidence that she is the godmother to either of Gere’s children. In fact, Roberts and Moder recently celebrated their eighteenth anniversary on Instagram. Evidently, everything is going great with the married couple.

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More Fake Stories On Roberts

Julia seems to be on the top of the gossip mongers’ list. Just last week her husband seemed to be jealous of Dylan McDermott. Also before that, it was Matthew McConaughey. And there was a story that she was pregnant last year. Obviously, there is no baby yet, so there is no truth to it or any of the other stories.

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