Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Divorce Rumors: Denzel Washington getting close to the Actress is the root cause of Break Up


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are struggling in their marriage

Last month, the couple celebrated their 18th marriage anniversary. Moder,  supposedly, became upset with Roberts for talking about her best friend and co-star, Denzel Washington.

According to a source, Moder is losing patience with his wife as she kept on saying that Denzel is so handsome, talented and funny.

Moder seems jealous of Denzel Washington

A source claimed that Moder is jealous of Julia and Denzel’s close friendship. Moder is trying very hard to keep his feelings to himself. Both Julia and Denzel will be working together soon.

The source said Danny is unable to express his feelings which has led to many anxiety issues in his life. He also feels insecure of her working with Denzel, who means so much to Julia. He’s trying to keep his feelings suppressed  because things between the pair have not been going well for a while.

Julia and Moder’s marriage problems

For quite some time now, the two are not living together. Roberts recently purchased a new property in San Francisco to remain closer to Denzel. Despite the fact that Moder doesn’t like to stay in San Francisco.

It was previously claimed that Roberts and Moder are facing difficulties in raising their kids. Julia blamed Moder for this as he likes his space and leaves her behind to handle everything which often makes Roberts feel like a single mom.

However, the couple would not be able to spend 18 years of their life together, if they are facing such issues.

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