Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Separation Rumours: The Couple Living Separate Lives?

Julia Roberts Danny moder

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage is in news once again. The couple, who have been married for almost two decades, has been subjected to many rumours of troubled marriage. The latest gossip is that the pair live separate lives.

Julia Roberts Bought New Home 

Roberts bought a home in San Francisco, apparently, to escape husband. In March, Roberts bought a home in San Francisco. The month before, Roberts purchased an $8.3 million in the Presidio Heights neighborhood. Tabloids claim that the sale was confirmation she was leaving her husband. Allegedly, they’ve been living separate lives for years, but a divorce would destroy their $300 million fortune and the kids’ futures. Hence, they are forced to play nice.

Roberts and Moder still own other homes. If the spouses needed a break from one another, there are other places they could go to. It’s preposterous to assume that Roberts would go as far as buying a mansion just to get away from husband.

Months later, there were stories that Roberts was quarantining away from Moder in New Mexico. The Pretty Woman actress was staying at her mountain retreat in Taos while she reportedly struggled in her marriage with the cinematographer.

Roberts’ eldest son, Finn, drove to Taos to meet with his mother which apparently made the situation suspicious. Roberts was only in Taos for a short while, on vacation. The idea she was “hiding” from her husband was bogus.

A Trial Separation Due To Recurring Arguments

Towards the end of June, it was said that the pair was arguing over where they should live. Claims were that the Runaway Bride star wanted to move to San Francisco while Moder refused to leave Los Angeles. Supposedly, Moder is an L.A. native who has all his friends in Southern California.

Most recently, rumour had it that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were having a trial separation. Gossip columns reported that Roberts and Moder were at odds with one another, despite celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. The couple’s property in San Francisco was again cited as a sign things were going south. It was reported that the duo was tired of bickering about it. And that they’re at an impasse and could be headed for a trial separation.

The Couple’s Marriage Is Great

To assume the two are living apart without actual proof to verify this is just unfair to the couple. Their marriage is doing just fine. And the two are very much in love as they have always been.

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