Julia Roberts, Richard Gere Rumors: Danny Modder is Jealous with wife going to Pretty Woman reunion?


A source claimed that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were going on a tour to promote Pretty Woman. The movie was released in March 1990 and it would be its thirtieth anniversary this year. Let’s see what actually happened.

Thirty Year Celebration


Sources reported that this year the beloved rom-com will celebrate its thirtieth year. Roberts and Gere were planning to have cosy dinners together. But the tabloid did not explain anything or share any details about the world tour.

Romantic Tour Reunion Rumor

A few months earlier, this tabloid also targeted Roberts and Gere for a romantic speculation. This story came in continuation to the early phony story.

A spokesperson for Gere said that there is no truth in the reunion story. Still the tabloids continue to manufacture rumor and bogus stories about the two.

Truth about the World Tour

Gere and Roberts are very busy actors and they don’ have any plans for a tour. There were celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the classic film, but there was no plan for a world tour.

30 years of Pretty Woman

In 2018, the movie was adopted in a classical. A touring production of the show may begin in October.

Gere was also supposed to star in Bastards, an AppleTV show. Roberts is also set to star in Leave The Worl Behind and reunite with Denzel. The two are pretty busy right now.

Other Rumors

The rumors surrounding Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage were also in air. However, this rumor about their divorce was also busted. It was bogus and not true at all.

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