Julian Assange charged with 17 new criminal counts, including violating Espionage Act


Wikileaks co-founder and journalist Julian Assange got arrested on April 19 for various criminal charges against him by the US Government. He was arrested and removed from the London embassy and put under the remand of Metropolitan Police of London. The charges proclaimed that he tried to conspire against the government and leak confidential documents. Some sources also say that he was also working for the ISIS.

Recently, new information has circulated online. Last month, he was charged for sexual abuse by the jurisdiction. On Thursday, the government has also charged him with 17 new criminal counts.

Julian Assange charged with 17 new criminal counts

Press freedom groups

The government has never prosecuted any non-government official for stealing documents unlawfully. However, some of his supporters and press freedom groups who were defending Assange also protested against the new 17 charges. Meanwhile, Julian Assange is currently in prison for refusing to cooperate with the jurisdiction.

Violation of the Espionage Act

Julian Assange charged with 17 new criminal counts

Credits: Politico

The Wikileaks co-founder was also charged for violation of the Espionage Act. His charges were revealed during a press conference in Washington. Besides, it was held by Department of Justice officials. The court sentenced him for 50 weeks in the jail for breaching his bail conditions in 2012.

As per the sources, he was charged with 13 counts of disclosure of National Defense Information. The other three counts of obtaining National Defense Information. Lastly, one count of conspiracy to receive National Defense Information.

If he gets convicted, then he might face a penalty of 10 years in jail for every new count. As per the officials, the information that he stole could be seen by the terrorist groups. Such documents were also found in the Osama bin Laden compound.

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