BTS member Jungkook reveals his next hit k-pop track

Jungbook of BTS reveals first cover from Look at Me

BTS ‘s cover fairy Jungkook has just revealed his first cover from George’s recent “Look at Me”.

BTS: Jungkook’s cover for Look at Me out

Jungkook was quite excited while he shared the video clip with his fans on Twitter. Within a few hours of release, the Jungkook’s song was retweeted thousand of times by BTS’s ARMY and curious song lovers. He captioned the video as :

L-l-l-l-look at me

The song chronicles a heart-touching story but somehow, it ends with a dank, silly twist. Fans have been drolling mad over how promising and warming the song looks up. Jungbook’s sweet melodious voice has blended well with the harmonic lyrics of the song.

I must say, Jungkook looks perfect in exoticism and romance. The song will divulge deep into your heartbreaks and leave you crave for a never-ending love, that will soothe your crevices of your soul.

Jungkook is full of urges to cover his most favorite songs. Much before George’s Look at Me, he had covered some busting hits including Charlie Puth‘s ‘See You Again’ and ‘Ending Scene’ by IU.

Jungkook and his life has been so good recently

Jungbook of BTS reveals first cover from Look at Me


Since, BTS is now free from their upcoming concerts and new records, Jungkook has ample of time to carry out his leisure part-times.

You can watch the clip here and enjoy George’s track in Junkbook’s heart-warming voice.

BTS member Jungkook has been in news recently for celebrating his friendship with Ariana Grande‘s by attending her Staples Center;s concert. Ariana Grande was quite thankful for finding an inmate in Jungkook.

She even mentioned him on her Twitter post by mentioning :

Screaming. I really thank you Jungbook for coming to my show.  It meant so much to me. Love you, book.

Moreover, Former Miss Alabama, Jesica Ahlberg, openly shared her obsession with BTS member Jungbook’s voice after his performance along with other BTS members at 2017 AMAs. She loves the way he dances in his headlining performances.

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