Junior Welterweight Maxim Dashadev dies of injuries after losing boxing match

Junior Welterweight Maxim Dashadev dies of injuries after losing boxing match

Maxim Dashadev has suffered an unfortunate death on Tuesday. The Russian junior  welterweight succumbed to head injuries sustained during his knockout loss to Subriel Matias on Friday.

The fight took place in the MGM National Harbor Resort in Oxon Hill. Maxim Dashadev, a true warrior, was unbeaten until this point. He fought 11 rounds with Matias suffering heavy blows all through.

Maxim Dashadev took multiple blows before his defeat

After suffering severe blows multiple times throughout the fight, Maxim’s trainer finally called off the match. He signalled to the referee accepting defeat from a technical knockout.

Budsy McGirt, Maxim Dashadev’s trainer urged him to stop between the match too. Maxim was reluctant and kept fighting before finally accepting defeat.

The 28 year old Dashadev collapsed when he was leaving the ring. He was taken to George Maryland’s Hospital for a brain surgery. The hospital declared Maxim Dashadev dead on Tuesday.

His wife Elizaveta Apushkina talked about the kind nature of the true warrior Maxim.

“He was a very kind person who fought until the very end,” she said. “Our son will continue to be raised to be a great man like his father.”

Boxing waning as a sport due to life threatening risk

Maxim Dashadev was born in Russia but went to USA to fight at the International Boxing Federation. He wanted to make a career there and earn the green card. At 139.5, Maxim Dashadev was in the Junior Welterweight category and fought admirably since his debut in 2016.

Maxim Dashadev had a proud record winning all of his first 13 matches with 11 KOs. A win here could propel him to a fight with junior Welterweight Champion Josh Taylor.

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The unfortunate death of Maxim Dashadev has brought out boxing’s deadly risks again. The sport is on the wane since the last decade with as many as a dozen fighters dead due to injuries.

Brain damage is a major concern for all the boxers. Recently in 2018, Scott Westgarth,28, died of injuries after winning a match. Although there are many who would argue looking at Pacquiao and Mayweather’s long careers, risking life is a risk second to none.

Junior Welterweight Maxim Dashadev dies of injuries after losing boxing match

Scott Westgarth died after winning in 2018. Image : Getty

Maxim Dashadev’s promoter, Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum also shared his condolences for the fighter.

“Maxim was a terrific young man, We are all saddened and affected by his untimely death.”

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