Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Rumors: Singer is still Hung on his Ex-Girlfriend


Is Selena Gomez behind the issues between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship? Last year, a report revealed that the couple is trying hard to save their relationship. It’s been a year since they got married, but it seems like that their relationship is in danger.

Baldwin thought their marriage will stand on all parameters. But Justin is been trapped in his old memories with Gomez.

The magazine also claimed that Bieber is fully committed to his relation, but love of her life Baldwin is on a different page. She believes that he had not recovered from his past relationship. This all is mixing bitterness in their relationship.

But the claims does not prove anything as everyone was aware of the fact that there is nothing left between them, both have moved forward in their lives.

Despite all, this there is immense love between the pair and it is proved by their recent trip to Utah. They shared a post on their social handle .

What’s true about their relationship?

This year we rejected another claim that told that Bieber had left Baldwin knowing the fact that she is pregnant with his child. The magazine also claimed that Bieber just walked out from his relationship leaving pregnant Baldwin behind.

It was mentioned that Justin felt cheated when he got to know about her wife’s recent stay at her friend’s house. To get a clarification on it, publication personally reached to Bieber. According to Bieber, it is the most vague story he have ever heard.

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