Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Getting Divorce Rumors: Couple Breaking Up Due To Growing Quarantine Fights?


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s quarantine fights have become worrisome for their friends. Justin and Jessica’s pals believe that divorce would be the only solution left if they kept on fighting. A source says,

Jessica and Justin are having problems again. 

The fights between the couple are increasing rapidly during this lock down. Will the couple end up ruining their relationship? According  to some trusted sources, Jessica accepted Justin’s apology and couple has decide to move on. But according to some other report, Justin is trying hard to gain back Jessica’s trust. He has promised to give more time to their relationship.

Real truth about their relationship

Justin and Jessica are committed towards their relationship. Despite the past events that took place in New Orleans, the couple has kept their relationship above everything. Reporters exposed the hollowness in previous reports about Jessica being jealous of Justin’s interactions with Britney Spears online. Justin was seen getting close to Alisha Wainwright. But Justin issued an apology publicly to Jessica and family for “lapse in judgement”.

Truth about their fights in quarantine?

What is the ongoing scenario between couples around the world? Is this quarantine having its effects on everyone?

Pandemic has forced the humans to stay inside their homes. Such a situation has created a lot of anxiety and frustration in their minds. Apparently, this is one of the reasons many couples are facing issues in their relationship.

The rumors that Justin and Jessica’s fights will lead to divorce are false as it depends on faulty reporting done by enquirer.

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