K-Pop disbanded group Sistar track amasses 100 million views on YouTube

Sistar ALONE hits 100 million views on YouTube

After topping Korean Billboard charts with So Cool, K-pop group Sistar has outstripped another music record through Alone.

Although, the group may have officially disbanded a year ago but their doting audience still plugs upon them. Sistar dropped the cornerstone track, Alone in April of 2012. So, mathematically Alone took around 7 years, 3 months, and 1 week to achieve the milestone.

Sistar sets record through Alone

Not to mention that Sistar in its eight years of music career, achieved the 100 million feat, only through Alone. The Sistar’s turnabout of 100 million vision came just before 7 PM KST.

Sistar's ALONE hits 100 million views on YouTube

picture: ALL K-POP

However, in its lifetime, Sistar was only able to record and release two of the albums, namely So Cool and Give it to Me.

I assume if the big scoop shall reunite the crumbling shreds of Sistar together. The K-pop band was last spotted while performing their single track ‘Lonely’ together.

The band has not only produced some major Korean hits of millennium rather they have acted in a number of television shows during the active years. The astounding television series of 2015’s Sistar Showtime and 2011’s Sistar and Leetuek’s Hello Baby.

Group disbandment and collaborations

Furthermore, the four ex-members, Bora, Dasom, Soyou and Hyolyn jotted their separate farewell letters referring to doting fans. Although the four members have officially withdrawn themselves from kosher Sistar. The stunning Hyolyn and beautiful Bora dropped their duet single under pseudo name, Sistar19.

I pour my heartiest luck wishes to Sistar on their impressive feat.

You may watch the stunning video here:

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