K-Pop sensation Samuel Kim’s father dies under mysterious circumstances

Samuel Kim father dies under mysterious circumstances

In another horrific incident, Samuel Kim, the star’s father was found dead in his own apartment. The year’s been not too good for Samuel Kim. After his conflicting departure from music label, Brave Entertainment to his will to go independent in coming years, and now the brutal death has certainly blown him up from the core.

Samuel Kim’s father Jose Arredondo owned a home in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico; the same place where he’s reportedly been killed.

According to medical reports, the 58-year-old man was stabbed to death in his own Mexico home. Jose had never been on quite friendly terms with Samuel Kim.

Samuel Kim father dies under mysterious circumstances

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Meanwhile, Arrendondo came from a lower middle-class family with ten other siblings. While growing up as a car washer, he went on to notoriously acquire a number of a car dealership in fields of California.

Samuel Kim versus Brave Entertainment

Funeral arrangements are currently under-process. We pour our deep condolences to Samuel Kim and the whole family.

Much before dealing with his father’s murder, Samuel Kim’s life was taken upside down by his very own people. The Produce X 101 star denounced his label, Brave Entertainment in a series of posts on Instagram.

He was reluctant to further extend his contract with Brave after their misleading communication barriers and lack of transparency.

Moreover, the K-star was planning to take down on the agency after they exploited Samuel Kim by promoting the CEO’s own blockchain setup. And that to was done beyond Samuel’s wishes and a legal permission procedure. The company tricked him to participate in promotions while failing to clear the contract or revenue terms.

Samuel’s mother protested against Brave Entertainment’s actions widely. Even the biggest media sources took interest in her son’s story and backed them up for rectification. However, the man only terminated his contract after finishing his scheduled activities mentioned under the contracts.

We do assume Samuel Kang will unleash his strengths to fight the coercive in his life.

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