Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks: Ishigami, Miko and Tsubame Love Triangle Complicates

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Release Date Delay, Spoilers, Leaks and Manga Read Online

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 spoilers are finally out with the manga raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. The manga storyline will focus on Ishigami and Tsubame and the students making a plan to expose the cheaters. The plan has already been executed and it includes spreading rumors about Kyoko’s boyfriend cheating on her.

Kaguya-sama 201 chapter will further complicate the relation between Ishigami, Miko and Tsubame and start the love triangle. Momo and Osaragi are also part of the plan as they want to help the lonely students. Here are more details on Kaguya-sama: Love Is War chapter 201 spoilers, full summary, raw scans leaks, release date and ways to read online the manga series.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Summary

People are looking at Ishigami, it’s not out of malice, Osaragi tells him it’s all part of Tsubame’s wish, it goes back to them talking about the plan. Tsubame wishes she could have done more for the people in need in the school, she wants to repair all the loneliness in the world. Osaragi finds it absurd since malice exists and it takes time to understand someone.

Momo talks about how bullying never stops because it’s easy to do, and fun for the perp. The plan is to expose only the fact that Ogino cheated, and not bring up the lewds, and make it seem like Ishigami took the hit for her to protect her, make it tame enough so that Ootomo doesn’t bother even coming to check either.

Police boy questions if that will really work since some people in the school area smart, and can probably piece things together better, Tsubame says that to those people she wants them to be told that they can use their intellect to make the world a better place and help others.

Momo cries saying she’s indebted to Tsubame because without her help she would have probably dropped out, and wants to help her senpais. Osaragi basically tells Ishigami, Tsubame has been looking out for him for the past few months, and to let it happen.

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Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Release Date and Manga Read Online

Kaguya-sama Chapter 201 Release Date and Manga Read Online

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Chapter 201 release date is set as Thursday, September 24 as per the official sources. The raw scans for Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 201 are already leaked online and spoilers are out, but it would be better to wait for the official English translation release.

Fans can read Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Chapter 201 online on V-Jump media official websites and apps. It would be better to read the manga series from the official sources as it would help the creators to create a better story.

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