Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 on a Break: New Manga Chapter will come out Next Week

Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 on a Break- New Manga Chapter will come out Next Week

Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 is not coming out this week as the manga series is on a break. It was already announced that the manga series will be on a break due to the new year holidays and Aka Akasaka taking his time off from his work. But it is just a matter of few days and Kaguya-sama 214 chapter will be coming out next week.

While the previous chapter of Kaguya sama focused on the interaction between Miyuki and Miko, the next one could easily shift to reveal something about Mikado and Miyuki’s past relationship. Here are more details on Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 release date delay, spoilers, leaks, and other manga updates.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 Release Date Delay and Manga BreakKaguya-sama Chapter 214 Release Date Delay and Manga Break

Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 release date has been delayed to this Thursday, January 21 as per the official manga sources. While the previous Kaguya-sama manga chapter released on January 7, it would have been two weeks without any new manga content.

It seems that the year 2021 has started with a lot of manga breaks and even Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 has been affected by it. But since the break week is now over, fans can look forward to the manga chapter in just a few days.

 Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 Spoilers and Leaks

 Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 Spoilers and Leaks 

Kaguya-sama Chapter 214 spoilers will be out around Tuesday, January 19 with the manga digital scans leaking on the internet. It will be just a few manga panels with barely any readable dialogues, but that would be enough to keep the fans hyped up.

Kaguya-sama 214 spoilers will most probably reveal something about Kaguya’s past and it was hinted that she and Mikado had a history. It might be possible that Kaguya and Mikado were a couple or one of them used to love each other, which will make things complicated for Miyuki surely.

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