Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary: Kaguya and Miyuki Finally takes the Big Step

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary- Kaguya and Miyuki Finally takes the Big Step

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 spoilers are finally out on the internet in the form of Chinese scans and fans have already translated the leaks. It has been a good week for the Kaguya-sama manga fans as there was no break or delay for the manga chapter.

The manga leaks have been compiled and the Kaguya-sama chapter 218 full story summary is also updated. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 spoilers, leaks, summary, and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers Summary

Chapter starts with the members of the student council leaving the room to do different stuff.

Fujiwara is playing Among Us with the TG club, Ishigami is going to karaoke with the cheering squad(from sports festival), and lino is just going to do more patrolling around the school. Leaving Prez and Kaguya alone in the room.

Kaguya brought up Darwinism, which eventually leads to the two discussing what the meaning of life is. To which Prez said that he thinks the meaning of his life is to be closer to the ideal self that he has in his mind/heart.

Kaguya asked what that ideal self of his is like, Prez didn’t want to say it at first because he thinks it’s embarrassing, but said that his ideal self is the type of person who can achieve world peace.

Kaguya smirked and said that it’s an wonderful dream, then said that her dream is to be the one to conquer the world. A world where no one can tell her what to do and everyone will be under her rule. She said that it’s the complete opposite of Prez’s goal and said that only one could be achieved.

To which, Prez said that she’s wrong, and that a world conquered by her would be a peaceful one.

Next panel cuts to them walking back home, Kaguya mentioned that she got a new servant to replace Hayasaka, but she thinks that the new servant is sent from/by her brother, so she’ll have to act carefully. Then said “if only this walk back home will never end.”

Prez invited her to his new home for dinner after hearing what she said, and she accepted his offer.

Prez showed her some new stuff they have in their new apartment, and his new room that he doesn’t need to share with anyone else.

He casually mentioned that the new bed is pretty comfortable to sleep on, but realized mid-sentence that what he just said could be interpreted in a “weird” way. So he said that he was going to buy one of those beds with a desk under it and a ladder to get onto the bed, but his dad told him that he’ll regret it if he did buy that.

Prez wondered why his dad was that insistent him buying a normal bed since he essentially slept on the floor for his entire life, but Kaguya seems to get what his dad was “implying,” prez realized it immediately and said that he didn’t mean it that way in an embarrassed way.

A text message from Kei to Prez broke the awkward mood, she told him that she’s staying at the Fujiwara’s house for the night(Prez mentioned that his dad isn’t coming back tonight earlier).

Prez initially was thinking about just calling the day off, but Kaguya looked at him in the same way a cat looks at you when they’re hungry, and asked if she should go back today.

The next panel has the following caption: “At that moment, Miyuki realized the meaning of his dad’s words.”

The two each started talking about how they don’t have any “experiences,” and Prez ended the chapter by asking her to stay for the night.

The caption of that last panel was “man and woman, the climax of the love battle between two geniuses has started.”

Source: Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Spoilers on Reddit

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Raws Scans and Read Manga Online

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Raws Scans and Read Manga Online

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Chinese scans are available at the moment but it would be better to wait some more time for the official manga version. Fans can read online Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Chapter 218 online on Viz Media media official websites and apps. It would be better to read the manga series from the official sources as it would help the creators to create a better story.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 218 Release Date: Thursday, February 25th

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