Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 Spoilers, Leaks Update: Chinese Scans out on Tuesday, April 13

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 Spoilers, Leaks Update: Chinese Scans out on Tuesday, April 13

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 spoilers will be coming out anytime now as we have entered the new week. The manga fans have been eagerly waiting for any sort of intel after the previous chapter blew everyone’s minds out. Chika might be on a rage mode in the Kaguya-sama 224 chapter as she feels betrayed by everyone and Kaguya is the only one that can talk some sense into her.

Since Aka Akasaka is planning to end the Kaguya-sama: Love is War manga series, most of the story arcs will be wrapped and all the characters will get their conclusion soon. Here are the latest updates on Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 spoilers, leaks, Chinese scans, manga read online and official English release date.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 Spoilers, Leaks and Chinese Update

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 spoilers are expected to come out around this Tuesday, April 13th as per the reports. The spoilers will be posted on the internet once the manga panels are out and the leakers get access to them. Since the manga originally comes out originally in Japanese and the Chinese scans are also out a few days before the English release date, the Kaguya-sama 224 spoilers and leaks are out once those Scans are available on the internet.

But fans should better wait for the official English translation and read the manga from the official sources as it would avoid any kind of translation errors and also help the creators. Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 spoilers and summary will be updated once the manga leaks are verified and translated into English.

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 Read Online and English Release Date

Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 can be read online on the official apps and websites of Viz Media as it is the official manga publisher in North America and several other countries. Kaguya-sama Chapter 224 release date for the official English version is Thursday, April 15th and everyone should read the manga from legal sources.

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