Kang Daniel releases captivating teaser images for Color On Me

Kang Daniel releases teaser images for 'Color On Me'
picture: HUB KOREA

After a partial but disputed exit from Wanna One, Kang Daniel has finally  geared himself for his long-anticipated solo debut, this month. Kang’s highly ambitious solo project, Color on Me will debut worldwide on July 25.

To thank fans for their heart-warming support, Kang has dropped a sentimental photo teaser for ‘Color On Me’ recently.

Kang Daniel debuts solo with Color on Me

Kang Daniel who once drew fame with winning Korea’s national talent hunt, Produce 101 has set himself up for some new beginnings. Kang’s self-established label, Konnect Entertainment has further unveiled a newfangled, offbeat teaser for Kang Daniel’s ‘Color On Me.’

Color On Me is ready to stream from July 25 onwards. The radical agency has also shared some fun-looking behind-the-scene photos of Kang Daniel while getting ready for debut pre-talks.

Kang Daniel releases teaser images for 'Color On Me'

picture: K-MAP

Moreover, the latest teaser image evidences Kang Daniel staring into the camera moodily. The image itself is enveloped in shaded tones of purple and pink.

The unusual color combination has put Kang’s fans under confusion. They seem quite puzzled about the album theme and the indifferent concept that Daniel’s gonna bring on to the tables.

The delays behind Color on Me

Kang Daniel releases teaser images for 'Color On Me'

picture: OUR DANIEL

For now, Kang Daniel has almost finished his songs recordings. He however is stuffed up to give his MVs a more inimitable look. Daniel is reported to have worked with top-notch choreographers worlwide. Meanwhile, Antoine, the creative choreographer behind Prince and Chris Brown’s stardom has his own role to play in Kang’s new album.

The self-made singer has been grave serious about his solo debut after his legal disputes with former agency remains impending. He’s currently spending eight to ten hours round the clock in practicing for performance.

After his contract termination from Wanna One, Kang was keen to go solo, though. However, his former band label, LM Entertainment halted his plans by accusing him for contract breach. Kang retaliated brutually and won the lawsuit in late May. Nonetheless, LM is still readying an appeal to stop Kang Daniel in his new venture.

Kang Daniel’s Color On Me will be out on July 25.

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