Kang Daniel tops charts with debut Color on Me


The winner is someone who gets up after falling every second time. And with Kang Daniel ‘s handsome solo debut, the above saying holds the truth of his grappling life.

Kang Daniel creates history with debut single

Kang Daniel tops charts with debut 'Color on Me'

Picture: Soompi

After the provocative exit of Kang Daniel provocative exit from Wanna One and rough years of accusations and allegations, Kang Daniel finally debuts solo.
Kang Daniel has apparently set himself as a solo artist after bailing out his recently released, Color on Me on 25 July.

Although not enough days have passed since Daniel has dropped his solo album, the EDM tracks have brought forth some buzz-worthy fame to Daniel and his latest production.

Eventually, Kang Daniel was dread serious about his long-anticipated broadcast. Since his album was the only forthcoming event that could let him slap his foes hard on the face.

Daniel has drawn ample sympathy from his Korean fans and overseas followers. Moreover, his vibrant public image with no personal involved controversies has landed his album with positive attention and confident reviews.

Color on Me attains ‘hit’ status

Much like the singer, his debut release has made records that may not break in the coming decade. The album has been topping iTunes album charts in the least 17 areas prior two days of release.

With active downloads and million streams, Color on Me is excelling the country-based track boards of Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Qatar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Seemingly, Kang Daniel has staked his entire life savings overshooting his solo tracks. Kang has reportedly called the best US choreographers to assist him in his party tracks. Moreover, he singled out the most extravagant locations in order to record the hyped MVs.

Moreover, the title track, What Are You Up To has also garnered the top spots of Korea’s own real-time song charts involving Naver, Bugs, and Soribada.
I hope the track soon catches the tops of Billboard and Rolling Stones in the western hemisphere.

Kang Daniel once rose to prominence after starring in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2; the same show that has produced some of the esteemed surviving singers of the country.

After his revival into Wanna One after Produce 101, the songster debuted with securing all top ranks in Goan music charts in Seoul. Kang Daniel, before his potable exit from Wanna One, was the main center of attraction for the group.

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