Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan faces multiple sexual assault charges


The #MeToo limbo has not only gripped our favorite Hollywood actors but some Korean celebrities too. Kang Ji Hwan has been another South Korean name to be dragged in Seoul courts for multiple sexual assault charges.

It’s been a while when reports against Kang Ji Hwan arrests and accusations surfaced in the social media endlessly. Even his own fans denounced the 42-years-old actor for his merciless and unmindful actions.

Kang Ji Hwan is accused of sexual harassment

Kang Ji Hwan supposedly Threatened His Assault Victims: Read full report

picture: K-MAP

In order to some recently published reports, Kang Ji Hwan and his legal representatives attempted to threat his assault victims. If sources are believed, Kang Ji Hwan is quite agitated right now and attempting everything to get clean out of the charges. He’s trying everything he could to clear his name, either by hooks or crooks.

Kang Ji Hwan has been booked for sexual assault charges against his two outsourced staff members on July 9. The two women were reportedly inside his house for an office gathering. Police officials have charged Kang Ji Hwan with quasi-rape charges and issued a warrant against him on July 12.

A brutal investigation that once seemed un-ending, led Kang Ji Hwan to publicly confess majority of his charges. The indictment charges fueled a wide-spread country protest against the Rough Cut fame actor.

Once an epitome of devotion and success, the actor is now facing threats and repulsion from his own media-family. He’s been thwarted endlessly for his misogynistic actions.

The victims’ side to the story

Kang Ji Hwan supposedly Threatened His Assault Victims: Read full report

picture: AMINO APPS

Indeed, it would have been rather difficult for the two victims to come out and press charges against a higher-paid actor of Korean industry. But they didn’t let their fears to weigh them down and fiercely stood up for what they think was right.

Bravo, Women!

In the victim’s side to the story, Kang Ji held a farewell gathering in his home on July 9. After the party was officially ended, Kang asked them to stop by his place for some important left work. He rather assured to call them a taxi after they were finished working.

But the two could sense something very nasty and terrible through his actions. Despite handling the two women with the required paperwork process, he suddenly jumped out of his seat and shook a bottle of champagne. With no choices left, the two had to drink and did whatever he wanted.

During the night-time, Kang Ji Hwan forcibly entered their room and repetitively touched one of them while they were sleeping. I am really ashamed to know that we are devout ourselves to such perves, while they return our blind respects to us with rapes and assaults and sadly, murders.

How the reps bullied victims?

The victims’ also shared some literal creepy messages and screenshots from Kang Ji Hwan’s legal advisors who constantly thrashed them to take the case back.

The inboxes were full of lousy messages including, ‘This is going to end as soon as end as an official apology comes out’ and ‘ We can public the evidence that can damage your reputation.’  

And you know what, neither I nor you can imagine the pain these representatives or Kang Ji Hwan himself has inflicted on those poor women. I mean, it sucks, it really sucks to see how one can put all the left humanity and his morals under the carpet and attempts to degrade the truth with money.

I wish we can have more brave queens in our society.

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